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Our Products

Architectural Acoustics

Auditorium & Hall

For a speech-function rooms like auditorium, banquet hall, conference room, or even a meeting room, the reverb or echo is the most concern. In acoustics, the standard that we use is Reverberation Time or RT60. Most of the supplier in Malaysia only focus on the high frequencies. But at Vibrant Echo, we believe that the balance of RT60 at low, medium and high frequency is important, as well as the positioning of sound diffusers and speakers.

Except for cinema, most of the hall-type buildings do not require high specification of sound proofing. The most common product is the acoustic operable wall, used to block the noise from one room to another.

Lerazu Series Fabric Panel

Cartia Series Recyclable Panel

Timber/Fibreboard Panel

Acoustic Ceiling

Operable Wall

Sound Diffusor

Sound-proofing Builder

Acoustic Timber Door

Acoustic Glass Door

Studio & Private Room

Sound proofing is measured in Sound Transmission Class (STC). Every room will need different level of STC, depends on the noise level produced. For example, voice-over studio will need around STC55 in order to ensure no disturbance on speech clarity, but for a karaoke room may only need around STC45, as long as the karaoke session is not affecting the next room’s activity.

Most of the sound proofing products are related to construction works, such as acoustic door and window, deadening sheet, spring hanger and other isolation products. However, we must also treat the interior with some absorptive material to reduce the reverberation, as discussed above.

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