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Our Products

Industrial Acoustics

Enclosure & Isolation

Our isolation system for industrial sector have different features compared to the architectural. The internal wall (facing the noise source) is sound absorptive while the external wall is sound proofing.

This can be applied to all isolation products, from acoustic enclosure to noise barrier.

Acoustic Enclosure/Canopy

Acoustic Steel Door

Anechoic Chamber

Audiometric Room/Booth

Noise Barrier

Acoustic Lagging

Exhaust Silencer

Duct Silencer

Spark Arrestor

Air Flow Silencers

Air flow acoustic silencers have been specially designed to dampen all noises produced by the ventilation systems. The noise reduction is depends on the volume, length of the flow path, and the insulation’s absorption coefficient.

We design and fabricate to fulfil the need from each different market, depends on the applications, features and functions.

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