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Noise Consultation

Environmental Noise

Occupational Noise Exposure

Noise Mapping

Environmental & Occupational

Based on latest guideline (2019) from DOE, the limit of environmental noise at the boundary of the premise is 75dB during daytime and 65dB at night. As for the guideline (2019) from DOSH, no workers should be exposed to the continuous noise exceeding 85dB for duration of 8 hours, and exceeding 115dB at any time. However, our specifications are generally ~5dB higher compare to the US or Australia, as they are more aware and keen on noise and acoustics issue.

RT60 & TL Measurement

NC Measurement

Design & Simulation

Building & Room Acoustics

The room acoustics measurement consist of Noise Criterion (NC) for ambient noise level, Reverberation Time (RT60) for echo, and Transmission Loss (TL) or field Sound Transmission Class (STC) for sound proof level. However, only NC is being applied in Malaysia. Other countries are very strict on other standards, especially the STC considering the people privacy is their top priority.

Vibrant Echo also provides design works and simulation services in order to achieve a perfect balance of room acoustics, because after all for us, balance is perfection.

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